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 For over four decades, we have provided our clients with the most realistic and dynamic mounts in the industry. Dave Booth Taxidermy specializes in world class mounts with competitive pricing. All trophies are given an extensive amount of time in order to recreate those once in a lifetime expressions. The quality of our finished mounts and attention to detail is second to none in the taxidermy industry. We strive to have one of the top turnaround times in the industry. Speedy service does not mean quality suffers; it means we work for a living. 


Dave Booth

 Dave Booth founded Dave Booth Taxidermy in 1965. Starting as a part time gig in Vancouver, he quickly gained a huge interest in the industry and began living the dream! With opening up the business in Saskatchewan in the early 1970’s and then moving to Alberta in 1999, Dave has captured lasting outdoor memories for sports men and woman worldwide! It has been over 50 years and he is now one of the pioneers in the industry, shaping and molding the industry to what it is today! Dave has proven that he is a leader in theindustry and has made a successful name for himself. He continues to raise eyebrows in every piece of art that goes out the door! 


Brody Teale

Brody Teale started the sculpting and mounting of wildlife at a young age! At just 12 years young, he began the art of taxidermy at full speed! He started with squirrels, and quickly progressed to big game animals! He was hooked at such a young age! After practicing the art of wildlife for over 10 years, Brody knew it was time to join the business full time! He is now living his life and raising his young family in the outdoor industry! Brody is dedicated to making a name for himself in the business, has been recognized for his world class mammal taxidermy. He continually attends conventions, workshops and seminars to keep pace with the newest advances within the taxidermy industry! 

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